We are a fun and diverse team of video makers spreading smiles across the globe. We take pride in getting to know our clients, understanding your needs, and delivering the optimum video and marketing experience for your business. The only things we take seriously are our work and your satisfaction.

Our team

Sandy Pedeflous

Over 36 years of entertainment industry experience working as a producer, director and post-production supervisor. Sandy brings great energy and creativity to all productions and keeps people motivated.

Jeff Long

Jeff Long is an award winning director, with over 20 years of directing, producing, editing and writing for TV, documentaries, commercials & other media. He has had the privilege to work with Dustin Hoffman, John Travolta and many other Hollywood celebs.

Ricky Powell

Ricky has more than 40 years working in the entertainment industry, including 25 years as an executive with a major television network.

Bob Dawson

Bob has 30 years of experience as a successful commercial banking executive, business owner and consultant to Fortune 50 CEO’s.